About Me


Hi, I am JacJack Geroldk Gerold and I am an Internet Geek. Because of my love for the online world, I have acquired ample knowledge about computers, its many applications and software, and internet security. I have cultivated regular access to the most beneficial and significant tools in the planet. I love learning and I am not afraid to commit mistakes, maybe that is one important reason why I progress in my field. My failures make me learn more and it brings me new ideas and bigger opportunities. I take risks.

I am 49 years old and live with my wife Natalia in Oakland, California together with our 3 kids. I spend most of my time with my computer, and when I’m not on it, I take time reading my favorite adventure novels and do some techy stuff. I also write, cook, feed our dogs and play the guitar. I love getting along with people and connect to them online. I correspond with my readers and I provide answers to their queries.

So, give me a note and let’s talk!