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Online Advertising: Its Advantages and Disadvantages

Internet users continue to rise worldwide and in this modern day and age, people from all walks of life use the internet as part of their everyday lives. It has now become an essential means of communication and entertainment. Everyone can now reach their friends and loved ones no matter how far they are. With just a few clicks on social media networks and messenger apps, the internet can instantly connect different parts of the world. The Internet also serves as a substitute for traditional entertainment because people can directly watch the news, buy products and read articles online.

With the Internet’s popularity, companies and businesses realized what it can do. Instead of sticking to the traditional marketing strategy of giving out products such as mugs, pens, and business cards, they are now turning to maximize the Internet’s power in promoting their brands. With this move, traditional print and media advertising formats are now in oblivion.

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Compared to other forms of advertising, online advertising is much cheaper and can reach a larger number of the target audience, which will probably bring in more profit. It has many advantages than traditional advertising, and it opens wider advertising possibilities, making it more powerful over its contemporaries. From video to social media, email, mobile, banner and advertising on Google search, businesses can never go wrong with Internet’s capabilities. Here are the benefits of advertising a business online:

1. It is cost-effective – One main advantage of advertising online is its affordability. It is more affordable than traditional advertising. Using the internet, businesses can advertise at a lesser cost while reaching a wider audience.

2. It has a wider reach – Geographically speaking, it has a massive reach. With the Internet’s global connection, businesses can reach existing and potential clients inside or outside their network. It’s just a matter of how advertising strategies are done to achieve superior results.

3. It doesn’t require complicated means of payment – Another appealing advantage of advertising online is its form of payment. In traditional advertisements, businesses have to pay the advertising agency in full regardless of the results. In online advertising, on the other hand, businesses only have to pay for the qualified leads, clicks or impressions.

4. Results can be easily measured – With the help of various analytics tools, one can easily and effectively measure the results of their advertising campaign. For this reason, businesses can already apply what’s working and drop what’s not working in the next campaign.

5. It can reach more audience – As geographical reach widens, target audience also does. What’s good about advertising online is its ability to reach more audience with ease, which can lead to a successful campaign.

Despite having several advantages, online advertising also has disadvantages, but only minor:

1. Intrusive ads. Advertising online has an intrusive nature. That’s why pop-up blockers are created. Browsers like Opera, Firefox and Chrome, have available extensions that block pop-ups to avoid such ads.

2. Copyright issues. When placed online, advertising materials automatically become available for all Internet users, and these users may copy the materials in any way they want regardless of legal limitations. Traditional advertising has a clear advantage on this. In print and media advertising, replicating contents is not an easy thing to do.