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Online Games List to Play with Friends

Playing online games is a trend today among teens, and even some adults. For some, it is a way to enjoy and relax after a long day of tiring work. It is, even more, enjoyable when played with close friends. A lot of online games have appeared since the internet became accessible to the public, and a lot of them are being enjoyed by groups of people because they can be together inside the game even if they are in different places in real life.

Here is a list of some online games best played with friends:


• Rune Scape
This game claims to be the world’s best MMORPG. This is about a journey to a certain world where monsters, wizards, and a lot of magic await you.

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• EverQuest
This game features awesome graphics and a vast yet beautiful game environment that is dangerous to explore. This game is well known for its realistic graphics, and the players are situated in exciting locations and lands that are full of mystery.

Perfect World

In this game, the world has become a cleansed one and is inhabited by three races that are capable of different skills such as spiritual cultivation. The people in this world live under the control of one Lord Pan Gu. This game has its currency system where you can buy and sell items at a specific price. You can also trade items and money with other players.


• Cabal
This is a stylish MMORPG with a new-age adventure theme. It has a detailed design and the characters either farm or follow quests to become stronger. This can be a challenging game for some hardcore gamers because some monsters are difficult to beat.

• RF Online
The setting is in outer space where three races are competing against each other. As your character grows his skills set grows as well, preventing you from getting bored.

• Anarchy Online
Anarchy online’s setting is in a world that is 30 thousand years older into the future. In this time, human beings can be transformed into fighting machines. You can choose from 14 different positions from a moneymaking trader to a fighting soldier.

First-person Shooter

• World of Tanks.
This is a unique game that is dedicated to players who love armored warfare. The game’s setting is in the mid-20th century. Be involved in legendary tank battles and team up with your friends as you dominate the world.

• Cross Fire
The gameplay in Cross Fire is based on an explosive and violent storyline involving two factions of mercenaries fighting for control over the world. You and your friends get to fight either with or against each other and join in the faction you prefer.

• War Rock
This is a military FPS that is good for either solo or team play. You can use rocket launchers, pistols, or even F-15 jets, you have a wide arsenal of weapons to choose from to eliminate your enemies.

Any game is best played when you have friends to play with. Either you are with them in the same room or just together inside the game. It is always fun to laugh while playing and killing each other – virtually.