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Online Advertising: Its Advantages and Disadvantages

Internet users continue to rise worldwide and in this modern day and age, people from all walks of life use the internet as part of their everyday lives. It has now become an essential means of communication and entertainment. Everyone can now reach their friends and loved ones no matter how far they are. With just a few clicks on social media networks and messenger apps, the internet can instantly connect different parts of the world. The Internet also serves as a substitute for traditional entertainment because people can directly watch the news, buy products and read articles online.

With the Internet’s popularity, companies and businesses realized what it can do. Instead of sticking to the traditional marketing strategy of giving out products such as mugs, pens, and business cards, they are now turning to maximize the Internet’s power in promoting their brands. With this move, traditional print and media advertising formats are now in oblivion.

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Compared to other forms of advertising, online advertising is much cheaper and can reach a larger number of the target audience, which will probably bring in more profit. It has many advantages than traditional advertising, and it opens wider advertising possibilities, making it more powerful over its contemporaries. From video to social media, email, mobile, banner and advertising on Google search, businesses can never go wrong with Internet’s capabilities. Here are the benefits of advertising a business online:

1. It is cost-effective – One main advantage of advertising online is its affordability. It is more affordable than traditional advertising. Using the internet, businesses can advertise at a lesser cost while reaching a wider audience.

2. It has a wider reach – Geographically speaking, it has a massive reach. With the Internet’s global connection, businesses can reach existing and potential clients inside or outside their network. It’s just a matter of how advertising strategies are done to achieve superior results.

3. It doesn’t require complicated means of payment – Another appealing advantage of advertising online is its form of payment. In traditional advertisements, businesses have to pay the advertising agency in full regardless of the results. In online advertising, on the other hand, businesses only have to pay for the qualified leads, clicks or impressions.

4. Results can be easily measured – With the help of various analytics tools, one can easily and effectively measure the results of their advertising campaign. For this reason, businesses can already apply what’s working and drop what’s not working in the next campaign.

5. It can reach more audience – As geographical reach widens, target audience also does. What’s good about advertising online is its ability to reach more audience with ease, which can lead to a successful campaign.

Despite having several advantages, online advertising also has disadvantages, but only minor:

1. Intrusive ads. Advertising online has an intrusive nature. That’s why pop-up blockers are created. Browsers like Opera, Firefox and Chrome, have available extensions that block pop-ups to avoid such ads.

2. Copyright issues. When placed online, advertising materials automatically become available for all Internet users, and these users may copy the materials in any way they want regardless of legal limitations. Traditional advertising has a clear advantage on this. In print and media advertising, replicating contents is not an easy thing to do.

Online Games List to Play with Friends

Playing online games is a trend today among teens, and even some adults. For some, it is a way to enjoy and relax after a long day of tiring work. It is, even more, enjoyable when played with close friends. A lot of online games have appeared since the internet became accessible to the public, and a lot of them are being enjoyed by groups of people because they can be together inside the game even if they are in different places in real life.

Here is a list of some online games best played with friends:


• Rune Scape
This game claims to be the world’s best MMORPG. This is about a journey to a certain world where monsters, wizards, and a lot of magic await you.

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• EverQuest
This game features awesome graphics and a vast yet beautiful game environment that is dangerous to explore. This game is well known for its realistic graphics, and the players are situated in exciting locations and lands that are full of mystery.

Perfect World

In this game, the world has become a cleansed one and is inhabited by three races that are capable of different skills such as spiritual cultivation. The people in this world live under the control of one Lord Pan Gu. This game has its currency system where you can buy and sell items at a specific price. You can also trade items and money with other players.


• Cabal
This is a stylish MMORPG with a new-age adventure theme. It has a detailed design and the characters either farm or follow quests to become stronger. This can be a challenging game for some hardcore gamers because some monsters are difficult to beat.

• RF Online
The setting is in outer space where three races are competing against each other. As your character grows his skills set grows as well, preventing you from getting bored.

• Anarchy Online
Anarchy online’s setting is in a world that is 30 thousand years older into the future. In this time, human beings can be transformed into fighting machines. You can choose from 14 different positions from a moneymaking trader to a fighting soldier.

First-person Shooter

• World of Tanks.
This is a unique game that is dedicated to players who love armored warfare. The game’s setting is in the mid-20th century. Be involved in legendary tank battles and team up with your friends as you dominate the world.

• Cross Fire
The gameplay in Cross Fire is based on an explosive and violent storyline involving two factions of mercenaries fighting for control over the world. You and your friends get to fight either with or against each other and join in the faction you prefer.

• War Rock
This is a military FPS that is good for either solo or team play. You can use rocket launchers, pistols, or even F-15 jets, you have a wide arsenal of weapons to choose from to eliminate your enemies.

Any game is best played when you have friends to play with. Either you are with them in the same room or just together inside the game. It is always fun to laugh while playing and killing each other – virtually.

How to Earn Online

The online community is rapidly growing. Most people crave convenience. They want to shop in the comfort of their homes or offices. It is also cheaper because you can bargain on products, and also, save on gas. It can save you time because you don’t have to bear with long lines when buying at malls. These factors contribute on why many people are enticed to prefer shopping online than shopping malls.

Many people take advantage of this growing industry by starting online businesses. Online shops are preferable than physical shops because there is no rent to pay. You can reach hundreds of customers, and it is also perfect for stay at home moms because they can earn money without sacrificing their time for their family.

You need to do a couple of things when starting an online shop. First, you need a business plan and decide on your market. Make sure that the products that you will sell are appealing to your target market. For example, your target market is new moms. So, you need to sell products that they can use like breast pumps and strollers.

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Second, make sure that you sell quality products. One of the disadvantages of shopping online is that you can’t see what the actual product looks like. As an online seller, you are responsible for checking defects on the products before delivering them to your customers.

Your products and shop should be unique. There are many online shops today. If you want customers to notice you, then you need to be innovative and different. Focus on highlighting the qualities of your products and shop to make it stand out from the other online shops.

Fourth, test your products by selling it on a small scale. Before investing a big amount of money, test the waters first by selling your products in your neighborhood. If the people gobble them up, then it’s a good sign.

Once you have started your online shop, you must make great first impressions. You should also choose an e-commerce software that will allow your customers to make a safe purchase. Your shop should be organized because it will allow your customers to find what they want easily.

Fifth, you must keep your customers happy. This is the crucial part of selling. You must show your care for them and make them feel appreciated by offering discounts and coupons. You must also be a great converser. Because you’re communicating online, you must appear friendly and professional regarding your words. Your customers must also be able to reach you easily. Keep them hyped by answering their inquiries as fast as possible. It will make them feel special because you are attentive.

Build your reputation. You must consider applying a Return and Exchange policy. This will show your customers that you are considerate and kind towards them. It is also important to showcase proofs of payment, proofs of shipment and feedbacks done by your previous customers. If there are new buyers, this information are necessary because it will assure them that you are a trustworthy and honest seller.

Overall, starting an online business is easy. You just need set your goals and focus on reaching those by applying these tips.

The Importance of Parental Supervision Online

The internet is perhaps one of the most useful technological innovations in the 21st Century. The internet can be a wonderful resource for information especially for children. Young children can use the internet for their school work, to communicate with teachers and fellow children and play interactive educational games. Kids who are old enough and trained can have access to worldly information.

However, the internet can also pose serious hazards especially to younger children since they tend to search random things on the internet. One wrong keystroke can bring them to websites not suited for kids. Older children, on the other hand, may search for pornography or adult-related stuff out of curiosity. Therefore, it is important that you keep the importance of parental supervision online in mind.
That is the reason why it is important that parents are aware of what their children access on the Internet, who they meet and what they share about themselves. As with any safety issues, it is recommended that you take the time to talk with children about the perils of spending too much time on the internet. You need to keep a close eye on their online activities and take advantage of different resources to protect them.

Parental Supervision Online

Internet Security Laws

The Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act or COPPA is a federal law designed to help protect children online. The said law was created to keep anyone from gaining access to a child’s private information without the parent’s consent. COPPA requires websites to explain clearly their privacy policies, and they need to get the parent’s consent before they collect a children’s personal information but not limited to their name, address, phone address, etc. The law also prohibits any website to ask more personal information than needed for the child to participate in a contest or play a game online.

Online Protection Tools

As a parent, you can use various online tools to control your children’s access to adult content and help protect them from Internet child predators. However, these tools do not provide full protection against unwanted online activities. Therefore, it is recommended that you need to be aware of your children’s online activities and educate them about the different risks involved when on the internet.

Most internet service providers or ISPs nowadays, provide parental control options to block specific materials coming into a computer. There are also internet security programs that you can use to block certain websites. These programs can filter unwanted information from coming in and can also block personal information from being sent online. There are also internet security programs that can monitor and track Internet activities on a computer.

Basic Rules

To effectively control your children’s activity on the internet, you need to set up some guidelines for your children to follow while they’re on the internet. First, you need to make sure they follow the rules you set and the rules set by the Internet service provider. Tell your children never to reveal any personal information such as address, phone number, and their school’s location. As much as possible, have them use a screen name. If they ever receive a threatening or malicious email, tell them never to respond. Always remind them they need to inform you in case of a threatening conversation online. If your child met a friend online, make sure that you get to know that new friend as well.


One cannot simply underestimate the importance of parental supervision online especially with the increasing number of child predators lurking on the internet. No one can best protect your child but you. As a parent, you need to be vigilant, do your part and set as an example to your child.

How Secure is Public Wi-Fi?

How Secure is Public Wi-Fi?

There will be instances when you would have to connect to public Wi-Fi in order to avoid incurring high data charges. However, most people are wary of connecting to public networks, mainly because they think that these are not protected and secure. If you are one of these people, then you have probably experienced the inconvenience of looking for a Wi-Fi powered establishment just so you can connect your device to the Internet. There will be instances when connecting to a public Wi-Fi is the only choice that you have. The least that you can do is to look for a secure network that will not expose you and your device to unwanted parties.

How secure is public Wi-Fi? That is a good question. Free Internet access is virtually available almost everywhere, thanks to today’s modern age, but are you sure that you will not be exposing your device to potentially harmful agents? Here are some things that you should know before you hit the Connect button and power your device with a public connection.


Different Types of Network Security

As you roam around public places, you will get notifications that indicate availability of connections and networks. Should you connect your device to any network that you find? Probably not. Before you connect to a network, make sure that it has the right security in place.

There are three main types of network security that you should know about: unsecured, password-secured, and web-based. This different kinds of network offer different kinds and levels of security, depending on the credibility of the institution or establishment that hosts the connection.

The first one is the unsecured network. More often than not, you will be able to connect to this kind of network without inputting a password. While it may seem that you hit the gold mine when you find an unsecured connection, you should think twice about connecting your device because this kind of connection is usually rife with viruses and other agents that you do not want in your device.

You will also come across password-secure Wi-Fi connections. This kind is common among establishments that want to keep non-customers from accessing their connection. This kind of network is usually safe, especially since you would have to key in the right password in order to use it, but you should generally avoid sharing confidential data and information.

If you are checked in a hotel and you are able to access a connection but by encoding an ID and a password first, then you have detected a web-based network. This kind is secure and safe to use as well, but you may have to renew your log every time you close your browser or refresh your device.

Among these three types, the safer and more secures ones are, obviously, the ones that has a security filter in place. You can freely connect your device without worrying that your details and data will fall into the wrong hands. As a general rule, try to steer clear of unsecured connections. If it cannot be helped, make sure that you limit your usage to the minimum.

Other Notes on Security

Connecting to an unsecured connection or website will expose you and your device to users that can cause you trouble. For example, a hacker can use the same connection and gather information that you may not be willing to share to other people, much more to strangers. While this possibility is relatively small, you can never be too sure. You can avoid exposing yourself to unwanted parties by generally avoiding connecting your device to sketchy networks.

There will be instances when you would have to connect to an unsecured network mainly because it is the only one available. In this kind of occurrence, just make sure that you limit your usage to necessary online tasks that cannot wait. Keep yourself from accessing an unsecured public Wi-Fi in order to tend to personal matters, like online banking or online shopping for example. If the task can wait, then you are better off finding another connection and doing it some other time.

How secure is public Wi-Fi? Most connections are generally safe and secure, but this does not mean that you should connect to them and use them for all your online dealings. When it comes to using a public connection, you should always be on guard and make sure that you are not freely giving away personal information and data that can be harmful when they fall into the wrong hands.

Revealing What IP Address is All About

The computers and internet contain vast amounts of information. People have different levels of proficiency in understanding computer terminologies. In fact, most people only know a particular word simply because they are using it. They don’t know what it really means.

Take an IP address as an example. It is an essential part of the online browsing experience but only a few people know something about it. What’s even scarier is that, a lot of people do not know the type of information an IP address can reveal.

What is an IP address?  It is a unique online identifier and every computer has an assigned IP address. Similar to home’s street addresses, the IP address is used to identify network computers. It helps in determining the flow of traffic between computers.

The standard format of an IP address contains 4 individual values separated by a period: “”. Values on the IP address can range from 0 to 255. Typically, a local IP address starts with either “192.168” or “10.0”.

When a computer already has its own local IP address, people from the outside world cannot access it. It is the routers that act as bridges, which connect individual computers to a specific internet provider. Because of this, IP addresses can also tell something about the personality of an individual depending on the kind of websites he had visited.

With the above mentioned restrictions, what kinds of information are shared with IP addresses?

Typically, the most personal information that could be shared with an IP address is “geolocation”. What’s good is when a computer is connected to a local network and the network’s local IP address is being used, the computer’s precise location will not be shared.

As an example, an individual can send an email message from his own home and someone may know the actual city from where the email was sent. Don’t worry because it may be the only information he can get and any other information, he is more likely unable to access.

He may probably see the ISP information but it does not give the actual street address. Only the router’s general geolocation data can be seen.

In some cases where there’s nothing to worry about sharing much more information because of the generalized location, onlookers can manage to take a peek on a person’s online activity with the associated IP address. From there, they can put together lots of information from that particular person who is currently accessing the internet using that IP address.

ip address

Because of this, the OPC (Canadian Privacy Commissioner’s Office) conducted a research to see what type of information they can get from using their own network’s IP address. Using an internet search engine, they will look for details about particular people inside their network who had browsed the internet.

Some of the services and sites visited by people using OPC’s IP address include:

  • Legal advice on personal injury litigation and insurance law
  • Wikipedia entry’s revision history
  • A particular religious group
  • Information about online photo sharing
  • Fitness topics

A second experiment was done by the group wherein they have to look for the IP address of that particular person who did the editing of an entry in Wikipedia and enters that IP address to an internet search engine. Search results show all the information about that person’s online activity ranging from editing various Wikipedia entries to visiting online message boards regarding sexual preferences.

According to the report submitted after conducting the research, it is easy to get a glimpse of the kind of personality a person portrays based on his online activities without any prior judicial authorization.

If this experiment is applied to various industries, then a BPO employer can easily draw out impressions about people who are currently browsing the internet during work hours. Internet service providers can also figure out information about their subscribers’ online activities and even advertising networks can maximize their strategies by simply associating a specific IP address with various online activities for a while.

But wait, there’s more than just discovering information. It was already used by US authorities in a case to identify a person responsible for sending harassment emails.

By contacting the ISP, they were able to receive the exact locations of the sent emails. FBI found out that most of the emails were sent in different hotels and they managed to track a common name from all the guest lists of these hotels. Afterwards, the FBI did some investigations on the email account of that person.

It’s possible to easily get details associated with a particular IP address, but it takes time and effort to do the much needed actions after.

With all the above-mentioned information, people must already know the answer to the question of what is an IP address all about.

How to Erase Your Private Information from Your iPhone before You Sell It

Released last September 2014, the iPhone 6 is still one of the most sought after smartphones in the market as tech giant Apple continues to dominate the industry. Irrespective of the numerous criticisms, iPhones and other Apple devices still sell like hot pancakes while current Apple users look to upgrade to a newer one.

If you are planning to pass down or sell your old iPhone, you need to make sure that your data is safe. Therefore, you need to know how to erase your private information from your iPhone before you sell it. Here’s how:

  1. Backup your iPhone

Most Apple users use iCloud while there are other users who prefer to backup using iTunes. Having a readily accessible backup on your local system can go a long way just in case something goes wrong with your iCloud backup. In order to this, follow the steps below:

  • Open iTunes on your Windows or Mac computer
  • Connect your iPhone
  • In iTunes, you need to click on your device’s name located on the top left. (If the Summary tab is already there by default, there’s no need for you to do this)
  • Under the Backups section of the Summary tab, click on “Back up Now.”
  • Ensure that you disable the “Encrypt iPhone backup” as doing so can erase saved passcodes from the backup. This way, when you restore the iTunes backup to your new iPhone, there is no need for you to enter the passcode to get started. This can help a lot, especially if you have forgotten the old passcode when setting up your new iPhone.

On the other hand, you can also make use of iCloud to back up your data as it is much easier to set up on your new iPhone. When restoring data from iTunes, you need to be connected to your computer. With iCloud, there’s no need to be with your computer since you data is saved in Apple’s cloud storage. As long as you internet connectivity, you can save and restore your backed up data.

Backing up using iCloud is easy. You need to follow the steps below:

  • Open the Settings app on your iPhone
  • Select iCloud
  • Scroll down and select Storage & Backup
  • Ensure that the iCloud Backup switch is set to green or enabled
  • Next, select Back Up Now

Depending on the speed of your internet connection and the data you are backing up, the process may take between a few minutes or an hour. Nonetheless, the backup process won’t affect the way you use your device as you can carry on with your work while the data is being backed up.

  1. Remove photos from Camera Roll

Connect the device to your PC or Mac computer and open Image Capture or iPhoto. Select all photos in the device then click Import all. If you are using Image Capture, you need to select “Delete items from camera after downloading.” On the other hand, you need to select “delete photos” after importing when using iPhoto.

  1. Turn iMessage off

Go to Settings app. Select Messages. Next, select I Message and switch it off.

  1. Turn FaceTime off

Go to Settings app. Select FaceTime. Then, switch it off.

  1. Disable iCloud account

Go to Settings app. Select iCloud. To delete the account from your Apple device, select “Delete Account.”

  1. Log out your Apple ID

Go to Settings app. Select iTunes & App Stores. To sign out your account, tap Apple ID and select sign out.

  1. Restore to factory settings

Go to Settings app. Select General. Tap Reset and then Erase All Content and Settings to restore the device to factory settings.

  1. Unregister your device

Before you pass down or sell your iPhone, you need to unregister the device at

  1. Contact your mobile carrier


One of the final things that you need to do is to call your network carrier and ask them to disassociate the device from your account.

These are just some of the basic tips on how to erase your private information from your iPhone before you sell it. This is important to make sure that you are free from identity theft.